December 4, 2011

53 years of Beja Congress

Dr. Taha Osman Bileya, founder of the Beja Congress, 1958

A rally was held in Port Sudan on Saturday December 3, 2011 and 6,000 people attended the anniversary of the Beja Congress. Tribal leaders and Beja Congress officials, as well as representatives of political parties and civil society organizations were present. The event honoured men who have been working for the success of the Congress over the years and challenged the Beja youth to get involved.

Again the story was repeated that the Beja suffer from marginalization by the powers of government, and that the Beja, though significant in population, have very little access to sharing power.

Party leader Mousa Mohammed Ahmed gave a 3,000 word speech that reviewed the history of the Beja Congress, and the roles of many key people. He examined political developments, past and present.

Speech made by Mousa Ahmed in arabic. [10 page pdf]

UPDATE: [Dec 6] A full report of the anniversary was covered in the media. [arabic] [english machine translation]

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Anonymous said...

why not mention other personalities who participated in the establishment of the congress like salih dirar and mohammed saeed nowed ?