May 21, 2012

Iran to establish eight factories in eastern Sudan

Khartoum (smc), 13 May

Reconstruction and Development Fund for eastern Sudan, has signed an agreement with Iranian based Farsat Company, to establish eight factories, in the three states of eastern Sudan region, worth US$72m.

Minister of state for presidential affairs, and executive manager of eastern fund , Abu Obeida Mohamed Duj , told (smc) that the agreement, includes animal slaughtering facility, export city in Red Sea state; fruit canning factory , export city ,diary farm in Kassala; tannery and glucose factory in Gadarif state. Moreover, according to the minister, a proposal for building sugar factory in New Halfa has been also, included in the Iranian meeting minutes. It notes that, the agreed upon factories, were initiated in the context of donor conference, held in Kuwait, for developing the eastern region.

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