May 19, 2012

How many Beja are there?

 Beja crowd in Sinkat, at visit by a politician.

The vast majority of Beja live in Sudan. Some live in southern Egypt, while others live in Eritrea. We've found three sources of information that give a breakdown of the numbers of people who are part of the Beja confederation.

A census of Sudan was completed in 1956.
ALL BEJA [Sudan only] 645,703
Arnarar 97,651
Bisharin 68,588
Hadendowa 259,594
Bani Amer 100,654
Other Beja 34,175
Beja-Group Unknown  73,233

Researcher Orville Jenkins compiled numbers based on information from 1996.
107,000 in Eritrea,
99,000 in Eritrea [who speak Tigre]
60,000 in Egypt 
2,134,000 in Sudan.
2,540,315 Total Beja
The Beja People of Sudan, Eritrea and Egypt

Modern statistics from Christian researchers in the USA offer the following
All Beja            2,295,000
Beja in Egypt         81,000
All Beja in Sudan    1,995,000
       Beja Bisharin  Sudan      31,000
       Beja Hadendowa Sudan  63,000
 Beja Hedareb in Eritrea 219,000
Joshua project statistics.

Have you come across any other population lists?

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