March 10, 2012

Oil Spill in Red Sea


According to press reports, Sudan, Monday / 20 Feb. /, occurrence of leakage of large amounts of oil on the coast of Port signs of Sudanese oil exports to the Red Sea.

The newspaper (events) Sudanese published today, the President of the Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment Adm. pension Noordin Mohamed Farah, saying: "The Assembly received a report spill on the coast, and after a field visit to the site make sure its spread in large areas of the sea and beaches around."

Farah and warned of the danger of leakage on marine organisms, adding, "I took samples of raw and frozen will be examined in the laboratory and we expect that the result is shown in the next two days."

The year 2008 witnessed leak large amounts of oil off the signs of the second port on the Red Sea coast, which led to the contamination of a partial spread of the city of Port Sudan, which led to fish migration to distant places and stop the movement of fishing.

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