March 3, 2012

Backlash against Islamic constitution

Opposition parties and other groups in Sudan are condemning the suggestion that the country should adopt a constitution based on Shariah law. Reported yesterday on this blog.

"After more than twenty years of suffering and while the country is experiencing a comprehensive crisis, the National Congress Party seeks to repeat the experience of religious fanaticism, and emergency and inquisition courts through a new alliance with the 'Takfiri', and advocates of sedition and fragmentation of the country" on ethnic, religious and regional basis, the opposition said.

In a statement released on Thursday the National Consensus Forces further condemned the gathering of Sudanese Islamists and accused the ruling National Congress Party of seeking through extremists and radical groups to impose the Sharia laws.

The opposition parties further said they are now facing a new coalition of "corrupt tyrants and fanatics" who seek to prolong their survival through the use of religion.

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