September 22, 2011

Two Beja men killed in Gedaref - violent reaction

On Wednesday, September 21, two Beja men were killed in clashes with authorities in Gedaref. One policeman was injured. The two bodies are in the hands of their fellow Beni Amer tribesmen.

Orders from local authorities had been given to remove cattle and illegally constructed cow sheds within the town limits in the Al-Sawfa district, and some Beni Amer resisted the destruction of the sheds. The police were trying to implement the orders.

As a result of the deaths, a demonstration by perhaps 400 tribesmen occurred on Thursday morning in the centre of Gedaref. Some Beni Amer even came in to the town from the countryside. Shots were fired. Police cars were attacked. The demonstrators would not negotiate with authorities nor hand over the bodies. They demanded that the state commissioner and the chief of police resign. The police used teargas to break up the crowd.

Sourced from various files including ahram. org and Reuters

Video of an injured man in a hospital bed in Gedaref.

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