July 17, 2011

Rally against central government

On Saturday July 16, the Beja Congress held a rally against the authorities in Khartoum in Port Sudan.

Salah Barquin, a Beja Congress spokesman, warned the regime that a revolution of the hungry in Eastern Sudan will spread to all states in Sudan. He said that the people of the East are willing to rise against the rulers in Khartoum, adding that they were running out of patience.

Barquin said that they demand the restoration of occupied Halayeb (by Egypt) Alvagasha (by Ethiopia). They also call for the prosecution of those responsible for the killing of 23 Beja victims, who got killed by government troops in 2008 [sic].

[Editor's comment: probably they are referring to an event in 2005, see story from 2006, 2010.] .

This story was sourced from borglobe and Radio Dabanga

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