January 31, 2010

Port Sudan Massacre - BC Press Release

This photo not part of the press release [below.] Photo portrays a man in a hospital [morgue?] on January 29, 2005.


Contents of press release.

 The Beja Congress demands the trial of the Port Sudan massacre and Condemns the violation of Human rights in Sudan

In a demonstration before the Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC

Today Friday Jan. 29th   2010  the Baja people of Eastern Sudan, from the United States and Canada ,  joined by Sudanese human right activist from all parts of Sudan in the US to demonstrate and commemorate the Port Sudan Massacre against Baja people and demand Justice and accountability  
We, members of the Beja congress, the political party of the Beja people of north eastern Sudan , appeal to the international community and to all human rights organizations to support all efforts to bring the Port Sudan massacre criminals to the international court.
On the 29th January 2005 the Beja people organized a peaceful demonstration carrying a petition demanding the end of their marginalization, democracy, development, and an end to the armed confrontation at the eastern border through peaceful negotiations. Instead of accepting the petition the government forces came and shot down 21, injured several hundred and arrested many of the demonstrators. This is the first time in the history of Sudan that such a brutality occurred to peaceful demonstrators. The killing of the ethnic Beja youth was their target.
We consider this reaction a grave violation to the basic human rights and an act of racial discrimination. The criminals have never been questioned. They hold top posts in the government in Khartoum . We strongly demand the arrest of the criminals and their trial by the international criminal court. As it is evident in Darfur war crimes, there is no possibility to process such cases in Sudan . The international community is requested to help to bring the criminals to justice. They should not go unpunished.
Further, we condemns the recent arrest of political opposition leaders in Port Sudan and in other parts of our country and demand freedom of expression and demonstration to all political parties and the carrying out of free elections by implementing the rules of democracy and recognition of the basic human rights.
Beja Congress , USA & Canada Chapter
For more information please contact
Mr. Ibrahim T.  Ahmed,   Email: -     adrob215@yahoo.com
Sourced from  sudaneseonline.com

UPDATE: Feb 1, 2010. Report by an eyewitness describes the demonstration outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC.

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