May 11, 2011

Report: What do the Beja Congress want?

The historical background, current analysis and requests are described in a 3 page pdf article. Published in the USA.

Titled "The Struggle of the Beja People in Eastern Sudan: An Analysis by the Beja Congress"
Download the file directly.

Read the hosting page. The link is in the words "An analysis" [para 5]

The IRD hosted a discussion in early May about east Sudan. We posted about it a couple of weeks ago.


YAY said...

hi what do you know about the history of the Beja in the maghreb??

im tunisian and i have Beja ancestries.

B said...

In my reading of Beja history, I've not seen mention of Beja people in North Africa beyond Sudan and Egypt.

How is it that you ended up in Tunisia? That's some nomadic journey!

Yay said...

Well it happen that some Beja went to Tunisia.
i am a kind of a Kabbabish.

Kabbabish and Baggaras were in North Africa.
They descent from Beja people who were In north Africa and mixed with the Arabs and Berbers.

most of them went to Sudan and the others like me stayed in north africa.

The presence of the Beja, in north africa, im sure, was during the HAfside because my Beja ancestor gave birth to her son in 1503.

i dont think they were slave tho, unlike the others blacks in North Africa..(im also part nubian..i think they were slaves)

Im related to the Kabbabish (we have the same family name ) and we look like them and like the beja too!