May 9, 2011

Egypt and Sudan to discuss Hala'ib region

Sudan's Foreign Minister Ali Karti visited Egypt last week. Discussions covered such topics as water irrigation and views about the International Criminal Court arrest warrant for Sudanese President Bashir.  Karti ended his trip to Egypt with a number of agreements to activate the freedom of movement, trade, ownership and residence.

For readers of, we were pleased to see that a proposal has been established to deal with the Hala'ib triangle.

The Halayib proposal involves setting up a common administration to develop the area for the interest of the two countries, according to a spokesperson at the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Khalid Mousa. The proposal will be discussed in the near future, he adds.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also disclosed that Egyptian Prime Minister ordered authorities to release 73 Sudanese arrested in Egypt. Mousa explained that those Sudanese had entered the Egyptian territories when they were digging for gold through traditional mining.

From Sudan Vision.

On the mapping of the Halaib Triangle. Does the USA-based National Geographic make correct maps?

This Sudan Tribune article points out that Minister Karti had previously caused tension with the Egyptians. It describes, [from summer 2010,] some of the same issues between Egypt and Sudan. Worth a read.

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