March 18, 2011

Musa Ahmed sets Al-Bejah Congress meeting

Kassala — The Al-Bejah Congress in Kassala State Thursday [Mar. 17] organized a meeting with representatives of the political forces in the state toward preparing for an inclusive conference of the people of the eastern Sudan as an initiative of the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Musa Mohamed Ahmed.

The Secretary General of Al-Bejah Congress, Jaafar Mohamed Adam, explained that this initiative came when the country is witnessing changes that necessitate real unity and responsibility to make landmark progress in east Sudan in all fields and to participate in rehabilitation and development of in Sudan.

He pointed out that this initiative aims to supporting the unity of Sudan and boosting the peace process and realizing sustainable development in east.

Adam said that the initiative also aims to assessing the implementation of East Sudan Peace Agreement and assuring the unity of the people of the east. He indicated that similar meetings are held in Gadara and the Red Sea states coinciding with this meeting.

As reported in allAfrica. Q.

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