March 28, 2011

Development announcements

1. Highway. A meeting held in Kassala discussed development projects at the locality in the field of highways and bridges for the construction of a 320-km highway that connects Kassala, New Halfa and Khartoum North that passes through Buatana. This road will be funded by Kuwaiti money. Link.

2. Roads. New Haifa expects to get 100km of internal roads too. Link.

3. Dam Loans. Setit River and the Atbara River Dams will be joined together and given greater height. The total cost is over $800 million. An additional loan of $175 million has been agreed to by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. Link.     Learn more about this giant project.

4. Waterworks. Unnamed east Sudan project. The cost is $10 million, but it may covered by a previously announced grant from the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. Link.
5. Airport. Khartoum New Interrnational Airport will be given a loan of $175 million. Link.

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