April 20, 2010

Election- stuffing votes caught on video?

UPDATE- Friday, April 23. Sudan has blocked youtube.com from Sudan, and these videos below are no longer available to be viewed in Sudan.

Original post.
Reuter news agency reported on a video that showed the stuffing of ballot boxes in the Red Sea State.

Examples were given of situations where there was no overnight control of the ballot boxes. Counts were then very high for the NCP, even exceeding the number of votes cast.


The video has been seen 13,000 times in the first day.

A second video shows the process more clearly.

A third video also shows what is going on.

Reposted here:

KHARTOUM, April 20 (Reuters) - A video appearing to show elections officials stuffing ballot boxes in Sudan has been posted on the Internet and the opposition said on Tuesday it proved their case that the ruling party had rigged the polls.

The National Elections Commission dismissed the video as a fake and said it had received no complaints.

The video, entitled "Sudan's elections debacle in the Red Sea state" appears to show elections officials, in regulation orange vests and traditional eastern Sudanese clothes, stuffing ballots into boxes locked with distinctive orange seals.

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