April 20, 2010

Election- Beja Congress candidates

Bashir and the National Congress Party have been reelected to govern Sudan.

There seem to be numerous irregularities in the voting.

Taher Ali, a candidate from the Democratic Congress for East Sudan, told Reuters he had traveled to Khartoum to complain about numerous irregularities.

"In one voting center, the box with my votes had 600 ballot papers less than the other boxes and of those 485 were spoiled ... only 17 of the NCP's were spoiled," said Ali who was beaten to a seat in the national assembly by the NCP's current interior minister."

"Our people are furious - they want to go out onto the streets," he said. "We are trying to calm them."

Where's the tribal solidarity?
According to official results in one Red Sea state constituency, the NCP candidate won almost 18,000 votes compared to just 839 for the eastern party.

One seat in a local assembly
East Sudan's Beja Congress party, which is formally allied with the NCP, told Reuters it had only managed to win one seat in a local assembly in Red Sea state, but none in the national parliament.

"We caught them (the NCP) emptying ballot boxes and they expelled our monitors from the voting centres during voting and counting," Abdullah Moussa, a senior Beja Congress official in Port Sudan, told Reuters.

"We won this one (state assembly seat) only because it is a small area -- one family and the young boys managed to guard many voting centres with small weapons at night," he said.

The story was published in the Washington Post.

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