March 18, 2010

Eritreans visit Kassala region to talk

Asmara — An Eritrean government delegation headed by the Administrator of Gash-Barka region, Mr. Mussa Rab'a, is currently on a working visit in the Sudanese Kassala zone.
During its stay, the delegation would visit a number of institutions in the zone, in addition to holding talks with pertinent officials.
It would also observe endeavors being made to connect the two countries through electricity and road. Moreover, the delegation is expected to conclude agreement with the Kassala Zonal Administration regarding agricultural development and public transportation.

UPDATE. March 20: Agreement signed

Asmara — In line with the growing relations between Eritrea and Sudan, the Administrative regions of Gash-Barka and Anseba concluded co-operation protocol agreement with the Sudanese Kassala region.
Speaking at the signing ceremony in Kassala town on March 17, Eng. Ali Awad Mohammed Mussa pointed out that Eritrean-Sudanese relations are both historical and people-based. He further stated that the Administration and people of Kassala region would exert the necessary effort to ensure the realization of the objectives envisaged by the leadership of the two counties.

Also speaking on the occasion, Mr. Mussa Rab'a, who headed of the Eritrean delegation in the visit to the Sudanese Kassala region, pointed out on his part that the Sudanese people in general and East Sudan in particular stood on the side of the Eritrean people since the days of the armed struggle for independence. He went to say that the visit is aimed at putting into effect the goal of closer ties in accordance with the agreement reached between Presidents Isaias Afwerki and Omar Hassen Al-Beshir. Mr. Mussa Rab'a also underlined the need to further enhance the strategic Eritrean-Sudanese relations for mutual benefit.

The Eritrean delegation which includes Mr. Mussa Rab'a, Administrator of Gash-Barka region, Mr. Gergis Girmay, Administrator of Anseba region, Ms. Tsgereda Woldegergis, Administrator of Northern Red Sea region, and Brig. General Tekle Kiflai, conducted a visit to the Sudanese Kassala region from March 15 to 17. During its stay, the delegation visited the Kassala fruits processing plant, printing and publishing corporation, Kheshmelgirba Dam, Jedida halfa agricultural project and a sugar factory, as well as tourism and cultural centers, among others.

Reports indicated that the Eritrean delegation was accorded warm welcome on the part of the Administration and people of Kassala region.

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