March 25, 2010

Eritrean Education officials visit Sudan

Asmara — A delegation from the Ministry of Education comprising senior officials headed by Minister Semere Russom conducted a working visit to Sudan from March 7 to 21. During its stay, the delegation held talks with various senior officials of the Sudanese Education Ministry on enhancing the existing relations in the domains of education and culture, besides sharing experience on the provision of educational opportunities to youths who failed to attend classes at the right age due to nomadic pattern of living.

Also in a meeting with the Sudanese Education Minister, Dr. Hamid Ibrahim, the delegation pointed out that the Eritrean government is giving top priority to the task of ensuring educational opportunities in remote areas of the country. It further indicated that 64 schools have been constructed with a special aim of providing educational opportunities to youths who failed to enroll in school at the right age due to nomadic life style.

Following discussion on the tasks that need to be accomplished on a priority basis, the Sudanese Ministry of Education expressed readiness to foster cooperation in the development of the Arabic and English languages, as well as upgrading curriculum.

The delegation that began its tour in Kassala zone visited a number of schools in various Sudanese towns, as well as the curriculum development institute, Beket A'Ruda.

Also in the course of the tour, the delegation visited historical places in Al-Ubeid town in morthern Sudan, besides exchanging views with the heads of the country's teachers association.

Meanwhile, the delegation from the Eritrean Education Ministry conducted discussion with the respective Sudanese officials on the objective situation in the Homeland. The Sudanese officials lauded the Eritrean government's role in promoting peace and stability in the region in general and the Sudan in particular.

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