June 9, 2008

What are the best decisions?

Eastern Front threatens to hold its chairman accountable
(Al-Sahafa) Eastern Front’s Central Committee member and governor of Gedaref State Mr. Idris Nour Mohamed said an extraordinary meeting of all members would be held to bring the Eastern Front leader and Presidential Assistant Musa Mohamed Ahmed to accountability for marginalizing Front leaders and taking some decisions without consultation.


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B said...

I'm surprised at the editing in the title: Eastern Front "threatens" to hold its chairman accountable.

Seems reasonable and prudent to do so. Every organization should invite their representatives to be be accountable to them now and again. If no system for reporting was created, then it may look awkward, or "threatening" when such a system is asked for and put into place.

Who is Presidential Assistant Musa Mohamed Ahmed accountable to?

Makes me want to ask about the ESPA financial arrangements. Whatever happened to the $100 million/year that was supposed to be paid by the central government to the Beja Congress for distribution designed to alleviate poverty and ill-health?