May 31, 2008

Eastern Peace Agreement forgotten?

In Tokyo, Japan, the president of Sudan made the keynote speech at a conference on African Development. He proclaimed the glories of democracy. He noted a desire among nations for stability, to overcome diseases and poverty, but acknowledged debt as a significant factor in preventing these good plans from being realized.
With debt being cancelled development could go ahead, as long as peace existed. Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir then reminded the other governmental leaders that peace agreements had been signed with regional factions in Sudan. Though short, in this reveiew, The Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement was not mentioned. Bashir said:
Peace in the Sudan is our strategic goal. Thanks to the regional and international mediation and the support of partners across the world, we concluded, on 9 January 2005, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which ended more than two decades of war in South Sudan. And with similar determination we signed, on 5 May 2006 the Darfur Peace Agreement. The government of Sudan and the parties have been working together to implement the two agreements. I thank the African Union and the United Nations, the regional organizations and international community for supporting the implementation of the agreements and I would like to assure them of our continued commitment to consolidate peace in Sudan and stability in the region. However, our efforts are being undermined by unjustifiable and unacceptable external violation of our sovereignty and the right of the Sudanese people to live in peace.
Bashir went on to complain about Chadian support for the attack on Kahrtoum in early May, 2008. He pointed out recent attempts to reconcile political parties, the hope being to "bring all the political forces in the country under the umbrella of an all -inclusive conference to address challenges and resolve outstanding national issues."

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