October 5, 2012

Students demonstrate in Port Sudan at RSU

massive demonstrations in Port Sudan now
Male and female students of the University of the Red Sea out to the street shortly before ...
In the evolution of the events Red Sea University students to go out into the street Thursday afternoon [October 4, 2012] after the administration's intransigence and refusal ... to recognize the Federation of Student Unity ...... after winning the election legitimate university end of April .. The university was under forced closure after violence sparked by students National Congress five months ago after the election .. 

It should be noted that the University has opened its doors to students on September 30 and gave students manage their university 24 hours to recognize their fellow forensic, as happened at the University of Sennar ..  

And after administration silence students took to the street this afternoon and Asdmoa with police and security services in the city market after being set up to address political rallies and Htfo against the regime and high prices .. And still security vehicles and police combing the streets of the city and around the university .. The revolution continues

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