July 6, 2012

2012 - Looking back, last six months

July 1 marks Canada Day [previously Dominion Day]. Canadians celebrate the independence of our country, in 1867, from England.

Thanks for visiting this blog, and supporting adroub.blogspot.com. The blog is assembled from Canada.
Just thought I'd share some statistics with you.

Now, over 400 posts online.

Total posts on this blog in the past six months [January - June]  2011 - 65 posts

Most posts in a month:  February, 2011 - 17 posts

Most popular posts in the first six months of 2012
#1   Short news- mid January
#2   Beja Cultural Day Report
#3   Disillusion and poverty in Sudan's east
#4   Four Free research papers about the Beja
#5   Beja activists arrested

Best post this year. [in my humble opinion] Enjoy!
Over 8400 views since uploading. About 140 per week.

Daily page views run between 40-70/day.

Location of readers in the last month [June 2011]
#1 United States
#2 Canada
#3 Germany
#4 Sudan
#5 Russia (?)

I hope you'll continue to read adroub.blogspot.com  for the rest of the year. Come along on the journey as we learn more about current events and the Beja people. Make sure you've bookmarked this page, or added it to your RSS feed.

We posted some statistics about 2011 in January, 2012.

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