February 14, 2012

PICTURES: Diving in the Red Sea

 Beja Fisherman, Red Sea. Terrence Weston photo.

Tourism is an important aspect of life for people living along the coast of the Red Sea. In egypt there is a well developed tourism industry, that is based on large hotels and resorts, with beaches, bars and night life.

In some places wilderness adventure and exploration of archeological sites and natural features are offered, but less people attend those.

And a few people love to dive into the beautiful waters of the sea, exploring ship wrecks and coral reefs.

The photo above comes from a large set of photos taken by Terrence Weston as he explored regions north of Port Sudan back in 2006, looking for suitable places to dive.

 Beja Fisherman load their catch onto ice.  Terrence Weston photo.

 Jazirat Bayer or  Shambayer. Terrence Weston photo.

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