April 20, 2011

Fistula Operations for women in Kassala region

For women in the Kassala region, visiting doctors will perform fistula operations beginning on May 13, 2011. This short term project will last about 10 days, and 50 free operations will be performed.

This "fistula camp" will launch the new fistula centre at Kassala Hospital. Doctors from Egypt and Khartoum-based Dr. Abu Fistula Centre will participate. The Arab Physicians' Union and the Islamic Medical Association are involved.

A fistula operation can change the life of a woman. When a woman gives birth to a baby, the thin wall between the birth canal and the bladder may get broken. The result is that urine constantly dribbles out. The woman may be rejected by her husband, and ostracized by her neighbours. A fistula operation is designed to sew up the breach, thus restoring dignity to the woman. However, more than one operation may be required for successful healing.

Source: Sudan Vision

Learn more about Dr. Abbu, founder of the Dr Abu Fistula Centre. [pdf file]

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