September 2, 2010

Kuwait Donor Conference plans

Khartoum - Zuleikha Abdul Raziq
The Presidential Advisor, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, has affirmed that east Sudan obtains tremendous wealth and potentialities that can make a change and a qualitative shift if they are exploited.

Addressing a meeting for briefing on the ongoing preparations for the Donors' conference for East Sudan, scheduled for next November in Kuwait, Dr. Ismail lauded East Sudan Agreement which focused on the development and stability of east Sudan.

He said that all the arrangements were finalized for establishment of the projects through funding from the donors in the fields of services development.

The Director General of East Sudan Development Fund, Engineer Abu-Obieda Duj, affirmed completion of the arrangements for implementing development and investment projects at a cost of three billion US dollars for the three states of east Sudan. 

As reported in Sudan Vision

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