August 8, 2010

Helping the children - new projects

Here are some details of the UNICEF agreement with the government and a network of NGOs working in Northern State, Sudan. The signing ceremony was on August 3.

Though few Beja live in this state, the link gives more details of the kind of projects that are being created to provide development services that Sudan itself is not providing...

[Northern State is just west of the Red Sea State, and is mostly populated by people living near the Nile River.]

UNICEF shall provide the following to WES Project in State Water Corporation, Northern State to contribute to improve access to safe water supply, improved sanitation and hygiene information.
- support two training chlorination and water quality monitoring at water facility level and at home level ($20,000)
- Support one training on CATS approach in Dongola to introduce the concept and strategy and provide moulds to promote latrine construction in rural and semi-urban areas. Train masons in this process on construction of proper VIP household and school latrines using vent pipe, which will reduce e smell and flies ($15,000)

UNICEF shall provide the following to Ministry of Education Northern State to improved access to quality basic education:
- Train 100 teachers on child centred learning methods and core subject (Math and languages) including peace building and HIV/AIDS awareness ($14,000)
- Support formation and establishment of child clubs/girls clubs in 20 schools to promote child participation in education process and extra-curriculum activities ($10,000)
- Provide recreation materials (40 recreation kits) for 20 schools that formed child clubs ($7,000)

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