June 2, 2010

Donors conference coming in December

Donors' Conference for East to Implement Projects at Cost of Three Billion Dollars

Khartoum — The first technical meeting for the Donors Conference for Rehabilitation and Development of Eastern Sudan Monday endorsed implementation of development and Investment projects that would be presented for the Donors Conference in Kuwait in next November, at the cost of three billion US dollars.

The rapporeur of the preparatory committee, Engineer Abu-Obaida Mohamed Duj, said in a press conference he held at Fateh Tower Hotel Monday that the Donors Conference aims to attracting international assistance for the people of east Sudan.

Duj said that the meeting was attended by representatives of the government of Sudan and delegations from Kuwait Economic Development Fund, Arab Socio-Economic Development Fund, the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) He said that the conference reviewed the projects put forward by the committee and affirmed convocation of the conference on 31 November 2010 in Kuwait with the participation of the government with East Sudan Development Fund, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of International cooperation.

Representative of the UNDP affirmed its commitment to provide all the requirements for the conference, which will provide a a good opportunity to exchange ideas and to develop east Sudan which needs rehabilitation of infrastructure. MF/MO Donors' Conference for East Sudan to Implement Projects at Cost of Three Billion Dollars.

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