August 18, 2008

Beja Congress seek to resolve international disputes

Al-Sahafa reported that participants at a general convention of the Beja Congress have demanded arbitration for Halaib to address the dispute between Sudan and Egypt over the Triangle. The convention revealed that Egyptian authorities have detained several Sudanese nationals in the Triangle. The convention which was concluded yesterday [August 17, 2008], renewed confidence in the chairmanship of Musa Mohamed Ahmed.


Background Material by BJ
The Halaib triangle was created in 1906 [?] by the British administration as they were determining the demarkation between Egypt and Soudan. The line gave more land to Sudan, I think because access was easier from Sudan than from Egypt. As well, the line more accurately marked boundaries between two tribes, [the Bisharin to the south and the Ababda to the north.] I believe the points of the line itself mark various hill tops- [ease in surveying I guess]. Separate from this news is the recent plan to drill for oil in the area [if oil is found, taxes can be levied]. This has made national sovereignty over the land important, and Egypt has taken steps to assert her authority in the area.

August 19, 2008. Key Beja Congress leaders removed.
A further report from the second Beja Congress’ general convention as published by Al-Sahafa says that the convention decided to relieve Presidential Advisor Amna Dirar, Deputy Governor of Gedaref State Idriss Nour and MP Saleh Hassaballah from their posts.
The convention also and called for appointment of special prosecutor for Port Sudan incidents. [Presumably the events which occurred in January 2005 - 27 Beja residents of Port Sudan were killed by government security forces.]

Additional article available at [August 24, 2008]

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